STARRING in WEBISODE # 4 - 21 Hours to Lift Off”

Madeline DeCourcey as CELESTE 4000
Dean Schaller as LIBRA 6
Linnea Ray (Linnea Hopper) as Mindy Moonbeam
Linda Macon as Peggy Sue Flay
Marlene Sharp as Stella Katz
Thushari Jayasekera as BabyLoon
The Splash Family:
Ryan Vigil as Speedy Splash
Yvonne Vigil as Kahlua Splash
Travis Vigil as Froggy Splash
Matthew Vigil as MattyBee Splash

Ward Edmondson as Voice of Automated Interviewer (AI)

also Featuring:
Barack Obama as Himself
Madeline DeCourcey as CELESTE 4000

Created, Produced, Directed and Edited and Special Effects by Ward Edmondson

Associate Producers:
Gary Shusset
Christine Owens
Fiona Lincke
Robin Ormond
Madeline DeCourcey
Steven J. Palmer
Victoria Reid

Costumes, Character Names and Monologues Created by the Actors Themselves

Additional Costumes by:
Vic Carmona
Madeline DeCourcey

Moonbound24 – The Webseries FULL CAST on IMdB:

Special Thanks to:
Wendi Lassiter
Krystle McMullan
Linda Perry Meeks
Rahmel Reid
Alison Rhodes
Sonia Sherrod
Deborah Tippette Marlow

Filmed at RED RUG STUDIOS - Los Angeles, CA

Additional Audio and Video Clips Courtesy of and

All rights reserved by Dough Boy Films and DRAWbackWARDs Productions ©2013-2016